We are providing enriching opportunities for young people.

Taster Property Inc is a not-for-profit registered charity founded by dedicated community members from within community groups, education, and local business sectors. Taster Property started as an idea around a desire to do something for the community and to support young people finding their place in society. Through this shared vision conversations were born and they ignited action, leading to the creation of Taster.

Everyone involved comes from a diverse background and each brings a unique perspective to the Taster Initiative. We value creative thinking and lateral new solutions. Taster Property places cooperation ahead of competition in order to achieve the best outcomes, and we are sensitive to the barriers and challenges faced by many young people in our community.


We are a group of individuals who are concerned by the unrealised potential of our next generations, and them failing to see their value.

We are supported by many community, state and national organisations. You can see them on our Supporters page.


Taster Property provides and manages a range of workshops and programs to engage young peoples' interests and ambitions.

The workshops and programs fulfill several functions such as teaching young people employment skills, enabling personal development and networking.


We help our young people with:
- Healthy living
- Finding their interests
- Breaking boredom
- Finding work
- Making connections
- Enrolling in further education